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City’s/Horizon (Stads/Einder)

Arthur Wagenaar componist muziektheater stads/einder

What smells better? Dung or gasoline? What would you prefer? Fresh milk or a white beer? What grows faster? An apple tree or a suburb?

City’s/Horizon is a series of preludes and fugues for (prepared) piano with live animation on 12 overhead projectors. The fugues, one in every key, one for every month of the year, are about life as a farmer. The preludes are about city life.
The piece, the first production by my oown foundation Goed Bezig!, was performed at farms in between city and countryside, such as Rood Noot in Utrecht and the Fronik Boerderij in Zaandam.

concept, composition, texts: Arthur Wagenaar
installation, animation, costumes: LABland (Sofie Doeland, Roos Matla, Juul Dekker)
piano: Keiko Shichijo / Kanako Inoue
produced by Stg. Goed Bezig! with Gaudeamus Muziekweek and Rood Noot