premiere: 28-10-22, Podium Hoge Woerd, Utrecht NL
4 performers. 60 minutes. language no problem.
suitable for adults as well as 7+

The near future. Large parts of the world have become uninhabitable. We’re trying to make the best of it, ‘juggling with life’. In search of a new rhythm, a new sound, a new balance.

PUINBAL is a provocative, musical juggling performance, raising questions about how we humans are dealing with our planet and each other. What if we cannot change enough? Do we bury our heads in the sand, or will we spread our wings?

Again, we work with special, self-built objects that are both musical instrument and juggling prop. Beats and rhythms are created by juggling shakers, metal tubes, electronics balls filled with motion sensors, as well as newspapers, plastic bags and old jerrycans. Throwing and catching is a world of sound, an unprecedented symphony of juggling.

In an attempt not to make any more human junk, PUINBAL is produced sustainably as much as possible. Instruments, decor and costumes are recycled from thrift stores, from our shelves, or borrowed from other companies. CO2-exhaust will be compensated for.

performers: Guido van Hout, Agata Kruszewska, Sirio Fernández Rubio,
Arthur Wagenaar
instruments, composition and jugglography: Guido van Hout, Arthur Wagenaar
direction: Ryan Djojokarso
decor and light design: André Pronk
decor cpnstruction: Douwe Ket, André Pronk
apprentice decor workshop: Tren Middelkamp
costumes: Sanne Oostervink
soundtracks: Arthur Wagenaar
tech: Gijs Oomkes, Michiel Heuveling (check one two)
financial manager: Caecilia van Stigt
PR: Willemieke Frank, Marjolein van Ruiten
photo: Eduardo Leal

a Stichting Goed Bezig! / Sounds Like Juggling production
coproduction Gaudeamus, Werkplaats Diepenheim, PERPLX, Dommelhof

with financial support of
Fonds Podiumkunsten, Fonds21, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds,
Société Gavignies, Norma Cultuurfonds, Stichting Melanie,
Van den Berch van Heemstede Stichting, Zabawas

Sounds Like Juggling

Sounds Like Juggling jongleerconcert

Where everything buzzes, crackles, ticks, clashes, falls and flies…

Rattling balloons, buzzing clubs, flying speakers and a giant marble track full of sensors. Juggling you’ve never heard before, and music you’ve never seen!

Composer Arthur Wagenaar and juggler Guido van Hout combine their powers to let juggling and music melt into something totally new. Self-built instruments played by juggling, special props that turn juggling into sound. Fellow inventor is instrument designer Dianne Verdonk. With Arthur en Guido on stage are Clare de Mik and Aleš Hrdlička. Director is Joeri Vos.

Sounds Like Juggling is all about patterns. In music, in juggling, in life. The power and the beauty of patterns. Being stuck in patterns. And above all, breaking free of patterns. An art now more important than ever. Sounds Like Juggling: a fantastic playground of movement and sound, where the rules might change any moment and nothing is impossible.


There are two versions:
a short version of about 30 minutes and a long version of about 60 minutes.
Both are without spoken language, for all ages, and suitable for both outdoor and indoor spaces.


< www.soundslikejuggling.nl >
< download the score here >


concept, composition and jugglography:
Arthur Wagenaar, Guido van Hout
performance: Aleš Hrdlička, Arthur Wagenaar, Clara de Mik, Guido van Hout
instrument design: Arthur Wagenaar, Dianne Verdonk, Guido van Hout
instrument construction: Vincent Schoutsen
electronics, software and sensors: Fedde ten Berge, Ward Slager
sound design: Arthur Wagenaar, Dianne Verdonk, Fedde ten Berge, Ward Slager
direction: Joeri Vos
light and stage design: José Warmerdam
tech: Gijs Oomkes
tour management: Annemarie Bakker
business management: Jasper Berben

a production by Arthur Wagenaar and Guido van Hout
partners: Veenfabriek, Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Korzo en Werkplaats Diepenheim


Contact: post@arthurwagenaar.nl / guidovanhout@gmail.com

Opera hero’s / Children’s Choir Festival

Commisioned by Dutch National Opera. A short opera (30 minutes), performed by children aged 8-13 and a small professional ensemble.
Story: A group of children want to go to a party, nut their father only allows them to go if they promise to keep sending him pictures of what’s going on. But what does a picture really tell? What’s real, what’s omitted, what’s fake? And what does the father do with all these pictures?
The piece features a special version of my app Close Call Live, played by the father, who is totally addicted to his phone.

A 15 minutes version was performed during the Kinderkorenfestival (7 April), when 320 children sang together.

Directed by Naomi van der Linden, conducted by Hanne van de Vrie, libretto Allard Blom


Close Call

arthur wagenaar, close call, smartphone concert, app music, muziektheater, componist


City’s/Horizon (Stads/Einder)

Arthur Wagenaar componist muziektheater stads/einder

What smells better? Dung or gasoline? What would you prefer? Fresh milk or a white beer? What grows faster? An apple tree or a suburb?

City’s/Horizon is a series of preludes and fugues for (prepared) piano with live animation on 12 overhead projectors. The fugues, one in every key, one for every month of the year, are about life as a farmer. The preludes are about city life.
The piece, the first production by my oown foundation Goed Bezig!, was performed at farms in between city and countryside, such as Rood Noot in Utrecht and the Fronik Boerderij in Zaandam.

concept, composition, texts: Arthur Wagenaar
installation, animation, costumes: LABland (Sofie Doeland, Roos Matla, Juul Dekker)
piano: Keiko Shichijo / Kanako Inoue
produced by Stg. Goed Bezig! with Gaudeamus Muziekweek and Rood Noot

The forgotten Son of Willem van Oranje

Susies Haarlok rockopera

Rock-opera by Tafel van Vijf with live music composed and performed by Susies Haarlok.

Starring: Dorien van Gent, Maarten Hutten, Sterre Konijn, Anne Prakke, Pieter Verelst, Arthur Wagenaar, Tjalling Schrik, Wessel Schrik, Jan-Willem van der Ham
Composition: Susies Haarlok
Libretto: Ad de Bont
Directed by: Mirjam Koen